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Camiah Chapman
Edward - Ram's Express
Cladius & Edena
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram'e Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team
Ram's Meet The Team

Meet The Team!

Get to know the people who make it all happen at Ram's!

Our associates are the foundation of our service at Ram's and we are ever-grateful for their warm smiles and friendly service.

We are like family here at Ram's and it's a pleasure to familiarize ourselves

with you, our valued customers.

Join us each and every Monday here on our website and on our social media

as we share more about our star team of Management & Staff!




Ram's Buckley's

Meet Head Chef, Derrick Rawlins. He leads the Deli Team at Ram’s Buckley’s in preparing all the delicious meals that are enjoyed.  



Ram's Supermarket

RONDAL won't lead you wrong. Be sure to sanitize with #GermPro non-sticky formula sprays and gels!


#TheGoodHealthPeople #MeetTheTeamMonday



Ram's Supermarket

Ask Heidi! When disinfecting surfaces in your home and office, #Clorox Wipes are one of your best options here at Ram's!

#MeetTheTeamMonday #TheGoodHealthPeople



Ram's Supermarket

Say hello to the lovely THALIA! She's an important part of our awesome team here at Ram's and here she is reminding you that #ChristmasAtRamsIsFree! ***Buy 3 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese ($2.95 each) and GET ONE FREE for the rest of December!

#BetterValue #MerryChristmasFromRams #MeetTheTeamMonday



Ram's Buckley's

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! TYVAUNAH and the rest of the team at Ram’s Buckley’s are sincerely hoping your season is filled with cheer, and invite you to visit to enjoy all the wonderful Christmas specials in store!

#MeetTheTeamMonday #TheGoodFoodPeople


Ram's Supermarket

Meet Kiandra. Not even a face mask can hide her radiant smile!

She's here today to show you some of the lovely holiday confectionary available in stores now to suit every sweet tooth! #MeetTheTeamMonday #TheGoodFoodPeople


Ram's Supermarkets

Heidi's got you covered when it comes to the best choice in products to sanitize surfaces! She emphasizes the importance of keeping your surroundings disinfected. Thanks Heidi!

#MeetTheTeamMonday #RamsCares #TheGoodHealthPeople


Ram's Stoney Grove

KERICIA urges you to make healthy choices when you shop with us. #BellPeppers, for example, are an excellent source of Vitamins A & C and should be a part of your regular intake.

#TheGoodHealthPeople #TheGoodFoodPeople


Ram's Stoney Grove

Sharine is devoted to providing great service and recommendations for you when you visit us at Ram's!

Thank you Sharene for being a part of our team!



Ram's Supermarkets

SHANKAR has all the answers in our aisles here at Ram’s!

Always happy to serve you and recommend great products such as our #Nestle Orchard juice drinks! 🍊


Ram's Stoney Grove

Jumpstart your week with an extra punch of energy. #Lucozade is one of the products our associate, ODETTA, at Ram's Stoney Grove loves and recommends.

Teyon & Asha

Butcher's Block

You can rely on #TheGoodFoodPeople to stock you up with FRESH MEAT! Just let our wonderful associates, TEYON & ASHA, know what you need at our Butcher Station, and it's yours. 


MERLET can guide you through our aisles to the exact product you need here at Ram's.

We are always happy to serve you while you are here!


Ram's Buckley's

Stick with Steve! He won't lead you astray! Remember to keep your hands properly sanitized, not only when entering our stores, but as a general hygiene practice daily.


Sports Enthusiast

Sherline, has been a part of our #Team for 30 years. She was first introduced to the sport in Nevis (where she was born) by her brothers who were adamant fans of the game. Sherline would participate in local leagues for recreation as a young woman... READ MORE HERE.


Sports Enthusiast

Meet Killion “Bill” Francis – a Customs Clerk in our Customs Department. He is not only committed to his job at Ram’s but also plays an integral role as the Manager for the Rams Village Superstars Football Club since 2011. READ MORE HERE!


Customs Clerk

Give some #love to Ram’s Team Member, Claudius “Hardest” Gumbs who has been with the company for 25 years!!! He brings life, laughter and fun to our head office. Truly dedicated to his position as a Customs Clerk!


Ram's Wholesale

Let’s share some #love today for Team Member, Angela “Ann” Caines. Ann has been with Ram’s for 26 years! She loves her customers just as much as her customers love her. We thank her for her loyalty and dedication to her position as a Sales Clerk in our Wholesale Department, Bird Rock.


Ram's Wholesale

Debra “Debbie” Lewis started with the Company working as a Cashier at our flagship store Ram’s Bay Road in 2000. Twenty years later Debbie is now one of our Sales Clerks in our Wholesale Department, Bird Rock.


Bird Rock Office

Charlene Herbert is a dedicated Team Member in our Sales Office for the last 14 years. 

She will bring a smile to your face as she is such a joy to work with, especially with her bubbly spirit.


Bird Rock Office

#SeasonsGreetings from one of our superstars here at Ram's - FAITH HENRY! 🎄

Faith is our receptionist and an invaluable member of our team of associates. This Christmas, she wishes you all the very best and we certainly wish her the same and more.


Ram's Stoney Grove

Our team is so knowledgeable about the goods on our shelves and they are always happy to share their advice from experience. Take the word of Camiah Chapman at Ram's Stoney Grove who recommends Listerine products for oral health.


Ram's Stoney Grove

Our stores are graced with incredible people you can depend on. The spotlight is on JOAMELA FREEMAN who works at #RamsStoneyGrove and recommends Nestlé ORCHARD drinks!


Ram's Stoney Grove

Thankful for our opportunities to serve our customers and the community.And our appreciation shows with YANAILET LABRADA'S gorgeous smile. She recommends you use #Quix to keep your dishes sparkly clean.


Ram's Stoney Grove

Meet Kenisha Hadid. She's one of our stars there at our Stoney Grove supermarket, who's always there to serve you with a smile.


Ram's Stoney Grove

NIOKA GEORGE's beaming smile and knowledge about products available makes shopping a pleasure!


Ram's Bird Rock

When shopping around at our Bird Rock Supermarket, look out for Sheneka. She's quite good at recommending the best products for our customers!


Ram's Express

Hollis one of our associates at Ram's Express and he's always there to greet you with a smile.

We pride ourselves in warm, friendly service.


Smoke N' Booze

Need help selecting the best wine or liquor?

Don't worry! Steve has got your back at Ram's Smoke N' Booze! #TheGoodDrinkPeople


Ram's Buckley's

Say hello to Allette Challenger who works at #RamsBuckleys! She loves #Busta soft drinks and reminds you that Ram's is the place to get yours in variety the next time you're here!





Ask Fostrona. She'd be happy to tell you. #BetterService


Ram's Buckley's Supermarket

Say hello to TERISHA WILLOCK who works at #RamsBuckleys and who's always ready to serve with a smile. Thanks for being a part of the Ram's family!



Ram's Bay Road Supermarket

Our team only recommends the best.

Meet Sharaa, one of our dear representatives at #RamsBayRoad. She suggests you stock up on your Nestlé ORCHARD juices the next time you visit!



Ram's Buckleys

Meet Maggie! She's one of our stars here at our supermarket in Buckley's making sure our customers are served with a smile. Look out for her friendly 'hello' the next time you're here!


Ram's Express & Smoke N' Booze at the Royal Plaza

Say 'hello' to Edward. He's one of our incredible team members at Ram's Express & Smoke N' Booze at the Royal Plaza.

Very much into personal wellness, he recommends you pick up some Welch's Frozen Fruits the next time you're here.


Ram's Buckleys

Meet Kristy. She works as part of our fabulous team at #RamsBuckleys and is such a joy to be around.


Her recommendation for her customers this week are these Nestlé ORCHARD boxed juices, especially as you get your children to school each day.

Team Pink!

In Solidarity for Breast Cancer Awareness

We’re in this together! 👚👛🌸

Our team came out in their pink in solidarity as patriots for breast cancer awareness, victim support, championing survivors and research for a cure. 



Customs & Operations Department

Meet Tony. He is a key part of our Customs & Operations Department here at Ram's.

His work is pivotal to the process of providing products and services for our customers, and we just want him to know that we appreciate his knowledge, skills and dedication.


Celebrates 30 Years with Ram's!

Today, October 4th, 2018, Sammy is celebrating 30 years with us at Ram's! 

Please join us in congratulating him today on this huge milestone!

We appreciate your hard work and dedication over 3 decades, Sammy!

Cladius & Edena

Bird Rock Office

Meet some of the magicians that make amazing things happen at Ram's! 

Cladius & Edena work at our Bird Rock office and we are so grateful that they are part of our team! 


Ram's Smoke N' Booze, Frigate Bay

Charming and super helpful, Ianna is here to meet your needs while you're there at Ram's Smoke N' Booze in Frigate Bay. She knows her stuff, so her recommendation to grab a bottle of limited edition St. Kitts & Nevis Johnnie Walker is definitely worth listening to!


Ram's Supermarket Buckley's Deli

Freshly sliced meats and cheeses are her specialty, along with serving delicious, hot lunches and dinners!


Look for Brishelle when you visit our Deli Section at Ram's in Buckley's!


Ram's Bird Rock Supermarket

Taking great pride in service with her charming personality, this is Vincia.


One of her favorite drinks is Milo, and she recommends you try this beverage best enjoyed warm, for a yummy taste and extra nutrition.


Ram's Buckley's Supermarket

We know all Oscar Meyer fans can relate to Kenroy.

Smart and quite the handy-man, he believes in shopping for quality meat products that are tasty and easy to use.

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